Our Mission

To inspire and empower people to live an unabashed life- embracing their own & others beauty and potential.



Unabashed: (adj.)

the unabashed Manifesto


Amanda & Shelby

Amanda and I have known each other our entire lives. A majority of our lives have been spent in the same towns, at the same school, and even living just a couple of blocks away. Our parents became best friends in college and have been inseparable since. Our stories separated when I left for college to study business and eventually moved across the country to Seattle to work for Amazon. Meanwhile, Amanda had started a photography business with her sister and was studying graphic design. Years later, Amanda came to visit Seattle and as we reconnected, we quickly realized we a lot of dreams and views in common and it didn't take long for us to begin talking about starting a project together. After falling in love with Seattle during her visit, Amanda moved out 7 months later. We realized we both had a passion for inspiring and empowering others to be their true selves and make their dreams come true- and that was the beginning of Unabashed.

xoxo, S